The best accommodation and restaurant available in Bolpur certainly belongs to Ramshyam Village Resort.

On the horizon of Bolpur, and on the banks of the river Khoai, almost adjacent to the famous Santiniketan, where again the best place to stay and eat is definitely Ramshyam Village Resort, there is a very serene and scenic place called Sonajhuri.

Due to its location, which is amazing to say the least, and the heritage coupled with it, this village, although relatively unknown, is very close to people who are associated with ancient Indian culture and especially those who have a knack for studying the various tribal folks of this particular area or have a keen interest in the life and times of these simpler people in general.

Moreover it is sufficed to say, that if promoted wisely it could easily act as a crowd puller for tourists all over the globe due to its breathtaking beauty and it is almost needless to say that Ramshyam Village Resort is the best option for food and lodging here as well.

The peace and quiet coupled with the scenery of this area acts as a catalyst for the motivation required for people with a creative bent of mind and is a haven for the ilk of writers, poets, painters, musicians and almost anyone related to the fine arts since the serenity and the natural beauty here almost acts as a tonic to start the juices of creativity flowing.

And of course it is not only limited to potential artists as the charm here will work its magic on anyone who appreciates and admires the superb things that are on offer here by Mother Nature herself.

Also in Khoai, Ramshyam Village Resort is again easily the best place to put up your shoes and have a nice meal.

So it can be safely said that all the best resorts, best restaurants as well as the best hotels of the entire area in question belong to Ramshyam Village Resort.